Adam Con

Putting movement into the body is only the first step as we teach the student to respond to sound thereby giving the student an opportunity to learn the concept of empathy in music. What is often forgotten is the important step of teaching our students how to use movement not as a response but as an actual catalyst to change sound. It is what a conductor should be able to do beyond entrances, exits and tapping out the tempo but more often than not, that is all we really see. It is the same pedagogical sequence as teaching any other musical concept. Experience, Label, Notate. We will do several activities that you can do with your class to help them experience and embody sound. Then we will label the types of movement used and how it can affect sound. Lastly, we will create new sounds and change elements of music with the use of our bodies and movement. This will all be experienced in the context of speech, singing, and playing the Orff Instrumentarium.

Saturday, January 16, 2016 – 1:30am to 7:00am