Professional Development

Based on the ideas of Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, Orff Schulwerk has taken root around the world, inspiring teachers globally. This child-centred approach to music and movement education encourages creativity and play, where the enjoyment of group music making, improvisation, and composition are the focus. Using speech, movement, singing, and child-accessible instruments Orff Schulwerk advocates teaching that relies on the creativity, imagination and musicianship of the teacher.

Orff training is available through workshops and teacher education courses including an Introduction to Orff Schulwerk, Level ILevel II, Level III, and Post Level III courses. The BC Orff Chapter also offers opportunities for profession development through member Sharing Sessions and Chidren’s Day events. Understanding and implementing the Orff philosophy of creative education is a lifetime pursuit, requiring the experience of teaching children while taking the courses to understand and implement the ideas.

The BC Orff Chapter is committed to providing these opportunities for teachers.