Teacher Education Courses

Based on the ideas of Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, Orff Schulwerk has taken root around the world, inspiring teachers globally. This child-centred approach to music and movement education encourages creativity and play, where the enjoyment of group music making, improvisation, and composition are the focus. Using speech, movement, singing, and child-accessible instruments Orff Schulwerk advocates teaching that relies on the creativity, imagination and musicianship of the teacher.

Orff training is available through workshops, Introductory Courses, Level Courses, and Post Level III Courses. Understanding and implementing the Orff philosophy of creative education is a lifetime pursuit, requiring the experience of teaching children while taking the courses to understand and implement the ideas.

The BC Orff Chapter is committed to providing these opportunities for teachers.


Vancouver Community College, Downtown Campus, Vancouver, BC


Please contact Pam Hetrick: levels@bcorff.ca

The Introductory Course is highly recommended for everyone interested in an in-depth understanding of Orff Schulwerk. In the one-week program students are introduced to the Orff philosophy of music and movement, and experience many tools for implementing these ideas. Students will be able to take the inspiration from this course into their classroom, preparing them for the Certified Levels Courses. This course is available for anyone with music training.

Fees for 2019 are $539.69 for domestic students and $1564.98 for international students.

Certified Levels Courses are the primary way to receive in-depth training in Orff Schulwerk in Canada, following the guidelines of Carl Orff Canada. They are offered in two-week sessions during the summer, usually running from 8:30 – 5, Monday through Friday. Each Level includes 3 hours of Basic Orff instruction, 1 1/2 hours of Movement, 1 hour of Recorder and 1 hour of Special Topics daily. Please refer to categories under “Orff Training” for content specific to each Level.

Fees for each Level for 2019 are $1010.85 for domestic students and $1570.22 for international students.

Pre-requisites for this course include a degree in music or strong musicianship including the ability to read music, as well as practical teaching experience. It is highly recommended that the Introductory Course is taken by all students of Orff.

Orff Level Training is available every summer at Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus 250 West Pender, Vancouver, at the corner of Hamilton and Dunsmuir across from the Vancouver Playhouse (Stadium Skytrain).

Each Level (I, II, III) is 4 upper division credits and is accepted by the Teacher Qualification Service. Introduction to Orff Schulwerk is a non-credit course.

It is expected that students will take at least a year between each Level in order to begin to absorb and implement training through their teaching during the year. After successful completion of Levels I, II, and III teachers are awarded Orff Schulwerk Certification.

These Courses are endorsed by Carl Orff Canada.

Student comments from past Level Training Courses at VCC:

This course has literally blown me away; I have had a whole paradigm shift in how to approach my teaching.

This course has come nothing short of revolutionizing my approach to music and children.

The goals I set were exceeded by day two in this course!

There is NOTHING like divine revelation, and it wouldn’t be an overstatement to suggest that this experience has been a revelation for me.

For the past 2 weeks I have been in the trenches of learning the most amazing musical process I could have ever imagined.

The Faculty 

Introduction to Orff – Cathy Bayley 

Level I – Pam Hetrick and Joy Reeve (Movement Instructor)

Level II – Catherine West and Joy Reeve (Movement Instructor)

Level III – Cancelled for 2019