Balinese Arts and Culture in the Classroom: Opening Ears, Hearts and Minds

Orff was inspired by the music and instruments of Indonesia and Africa as he was forming his musical sensibilities in 1920s Germany. Today, despite unlimited access to the worlds of sound, students may not choose to listen to music outside their norm. We can inspire our students to open their ears and minds to new music and cultures through hands-on exploration, addressing the “Big Ideas” in the BC Curriculum as well as Curricular Competencies and Content. In this session, participants will experience different genres of Balinese arts that connect to the Orff approach using alternative possibilities of pentatonic scales, rhythmic constructions, and multi-disciplinary theatre. We will begin with kecak (often known as monkey chant), a dramatic vocal and movement ensemble genre. Building on the interlocking rhythmic techniques experienced in kecak, participants will learn a traditional instrumental piece from the bamboo tingklik orchestra, easily transferred to xylophones. The afternoon’s focus will be the multi-arts performance genre of wayang kulit shadow puppet theatre and gender wayang, pentatonic musical accompaniment. This workshop will model and explore teaching arts from another culture, as well as introducing possibilities for the students’ creativity within traditional forms.

Saturday, January 20, 2018 – 9:30am to 3:30pm