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Change of Workshop Location

BC Orff Workshops have a new home for this school year. Starting on September 24th, we will be at Queen Elizabeth Elementary at 921 Salter Street, New Westminster. Thank you Queen Elizabeth Elementary for welcoming us and helping to make our workshops possible!

Plan extra time to find this new location.  

Please pre-register, and update your membership with Carl Orff Canada ahead, so the registration desk volunteers are free to join everyone for the 9:30 start.  You won't want to miss a minute with Judith!  Go green - bring your own coffee mug.

Introduction to Orff Update

If you are interested in taking Introduction to Orff Schulwerk during the current school year, please contact




Susie Green - BC Orff Chapter Honorary Life Member

We are very pleased to award Susie Green an Honorary Life Membership to the BC Orff Chapter. Susie has been instrumental to the growth and development of the BC Orff Chapter for decades. An internationally recognized choreographer and master teacher in Dance and Movement Education, Susie has brought immense skill and experience to the Chapter and all of her students. Susie finds uniques ways to reach each of her students and reveal the dancer in each of us.

2016 Graduates of Level I and II

Congratulations to all of the graduates of this year's Level I and Level II Orff Teacher's Training Courses. It was another memorable summer full of inspiring students. Best wishes to all of you!!


Into the Woods - Summer Master Class 2016 with Catherine West

So many interesting topics, so many and varied songs and activities, so much information and new ideas to ponder, yet Catherine managed to direct it all at a pace that allowed us to fully absorb the materials and enjoy the process. And amidst all this intense learning were moments of true beauty that will continue to resonate in us and in our teaching in ways that are less easy to describe but perhaps even more important.