Body Music

Using the oldest instrument on the planet — the human body — we clap, slap, snap, step and vocalize our way through some very fun and funky, original and traditional rhythmic music.  BODY MUSIC is an effective way of internalizing rhythmic work, which enhances the development of time, timing, phrasing, listening skills, independence, coordination and ensemble awareness. We will explore a variety of rhythmic systems and concepts from around the world, including polyrhythms, crosspulses, polymeters, phasing, half time/double time, and more.  It is a useful tool for musicians, dancers and movers of all kinds and anyone interested in deepening their rhythmic skills. Wear comfortable clothing and clean sneakers or jazz shoes.

This workshop is a special presentation by the BC Orff Chapter. It is not included in the annual subscription. Free workshop policies do not apply for this workshop. 

For further information please contact Sonja Karlson:

Keith Terry Video Links:

Keith Terry solo performance

Keith Terry on Public Radio International’s THE WORLD

Keith Terry’s Body Music Improv with Slammin’ All-Body Band

Keith Terry on NPR’s Here and Now 

6th International Body Music Festival promo video


Saturday, April 15, 2017 – 10:00am to 1:00pm