Purposeful Play as Process Pedagogy

Purposeful Play as Process Pedagogy with Joy Reeve

August 22-26 2022

Location: TBA
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*It is strongly recommended participants complete Level 1 before taking an Orff Masterclass

Throughout the pandemic, children we heard to say that the part of school they missed the most was playing with their friends.  Play and playfulness is at the heart at Orff pedagogy. It is fundamental to creativity, as the freedom to explore and experiment leads to new ideas and discoveries.  When we as educators prime the playground of our classrooms, we can facilitate opportunities to play, explore, and learn.

This masterclass will dive into pedagogical applications to prime the playground of the music room to use play and exploration to discover, challenge and build skills.  Using improvisation as musical play, sequenced musical development will be presented through the lens of purposeful play, bringing satisfaction and enjoyment from the immersion that comes from complete engagement.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of human connection.  As Orff teachers we are uniquely situated and equipped to address the emotional, social and learning needs of our students.  This masterclass will explore ideas to deepen your philosophy of practice, and lighten the approach through laughter and camaraderie-through play.

Instructor: Joy Reeve

Website: Orff with Joy

Joy Reeve has been immersed in Music her entire life. When her older siblings were learning piano, she asked if she could too, and her mother started teaching her at the age of 4. As a child, Joy sang at Sunday School, camp, elementary school, and at home, pretending the cord from the dishwasher was a microphone. By the time Joy was 12, she was studying piano and theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Around the time she was twenty she had graduated from the Royal Conservatory, and was attending the University of Toronto, where she was introduced to the Orff approach, and took her Levels training. Continuing at U of T, Joy graduated with a B.Mus., B.Ed., and M.A. in Teaching Learning and Curriculum. Joy became an Orff Levels instructor in 2006. From the courses and workshops she has given, three books have emerged. These books have become staples for Canadian music teachers. Joy’s creative ideas and lessons cultivate emotional connections, happiness and joy for children in the classroom.