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Level III - Orff Schulwerk Certification Program


Vancouver Community College (Downtown Campus)

250 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1S9 - Room 420

Levels Liaison

Pam Hetrick

Pam has taught music for over 30 years and is excited about every new school year, always inspired by Orff. She is currently teaching music at Suncrest School in Burnaby. Pam  presents Orff Schulwerk workshops in the U.S. and Canada, is Past Co-President of the BC Orff Chapter and served on the American Orff Schulwerk Editorial Board for 10 years. She has enjoyed performing with steel drum bands, Gamelan Sekar Jaya with whom she toured Indonesia twice, Keith Terry Body Music Ensemble, and currently Adanu Habobo, an African music and dance ensemble. Pam is Course Director and Level I Instructor for the Orff Teacher Training Program at Vancouver Community College. 

LEVEL III will not be offered August 2018

Certified Levels Courses are the primary way to receive in-depth training in Orff Schulwerk in Canada, following the guidelines of Carl Orff Canada. They are offered in two-week sessions during the summer, usually running from 8:30 – 5, Monday through Friday. Each Level includes 3 hours of Basic Orff instruction, 1 1/2 hours of Movement, 1 hour of Recorder and 1 hour of Special Topics daily. 

Level III is a two-week course where students review what they have learned from the previous two Levels, and explore hybrid meters, major, minor and modal melodies and accompaniments through playing, improvising and composing.  Students will demonstrate mastery of the Orff process in lessons presented to their peers.

After successful completion of Level Three, students will receive Orff Certification.


Successful completion of an approved Level II course with a mark of at least 80%. Please send a copy of your Level II grade to Pam Hetrick.

Endorsed by Carl Orff Canada

Required Materials: 
  • Orff/Keetman Music for ChildrenVols. IV & V, Schott, Murray Edition
  • A good collection of Orff materials from a variety of authors including:
  • Margaret Murray/Doreen Hall, Jane Frazee, Arvida Steen, Judith Thomas and the Canadian authors represented in A Canadian Mosaic
  • course packet (available for purchase first day of class)
  • soprano, alto and tenor recorders. (preferably Aulos or Dometsch). If possible, bring extra recorders including sopranino and bass for ensemble work

Marcelline Moody (B.A., U of W.A.), is an Orff graduate of the University of Manitoba, Canada, and has her diploma in Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education from the Special Course at the Orff Institute, Salzburg. She has taught Orff Levels Summer Courses for 25 years at the University of Manitoba as well as workshops across Canada, in Australia, Salzburg, China, France, and England. She was a member of the Ostinato Editorial Board for several years. Her students have performed at National Orff conferences, with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra for which they composed works. A Music Education consultant with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for 20 years, she now works as Education consultant with the Victoria Symphony. Since retirement from the school system, she has been teaching an Orff program for children from birth to 10 years at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and directs recorder ensembles for Seniors. Her great love is the recorder, and she has recently published recorder manuals “Reach for a Star”, books 1 and 2. Teaching notation in a hands-on, “de-mystifying” way is one of her passions. In June of 1986, she was awarded the Bronze Medal of the town of Ouistreham in Normandy, France, for her services to music in the community. She is a recipient of the Morna-June Morrow Award for Teaching Excellence in Manitoba and the Arts in Education Award from the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts.